Spelling & Agistment

  • Large individual stallion/colt yards
  • Racehorse spelling
  • Weanling & yearling agistment
  • We are located very close to the Donnybrook quarantine centre and can provide excellent care for recently imported racehorses and mares
  • Post & rail fencing entire farm
  • Individual spelling paddocks with shelters
  • Group spelling paddocks
  • Plenty of mature trees for shelter and shade
  • 8 horse-walker
  • Round-yard
  • 18 walk-in walk-out boxes and yards
  • Smaller spelling yards for injured horses with shelter


Mares & Foals

  • Outside client broodmare and foal agistment available
  • Foaling & weanling services
  • Corrective farrier work
  • Expert vet care
  • Full reproductive vet care
  • Walk-ons to stallions
  • Advice for breeding and sale options
  • Post & rail fencing entire farm
  • Diamond mesh foaling yards
  • Foaling yards with 24-hour video monitoring and lights
  • Specialty built breeding barn with large mare and foal boxes

Sales Preparation

  • We take outside clients weanlings, yearlings and broodmares for sales preparation
  • 8 horse-walker
  • Round-yard
  • Yearling barn with rubber-lined boxes
  • 18 walk-in walk-out boxes and yards
  • Individual grass turn-out yards for sales yearlings
  • Tailored dietary needs to ensure your horse is in the best possible condition for sale
  • Photo and videos for the sale